FAQ for Teens

Why is going to school important?

Your education is very important for both your future and the future of your family! Here's why:

  • Having a high school diploma or GED allows you to have better job opportunities with better pay.
  • A person with a high school diploma or GED, on average, will make more money than someone without a high school education.
  • The first step for furthering your education with college is to have a high school diploma or GED.
  • You’ll be more likely to have access to medical care (health insurance from your job) and have the funds to pay for it (higher salary).
  • Knowing you have a diploma makes you a good role model to your children. Your educational success will encourage your children to stay in school.

What do I do about important appointments I can't miss?

  • Schedule appointments for before and after school hours. This will help you avoid missing important classwork and assignments.
      • If missing class or school is unavoidable, talk with your teachers beforehand to discuss your options when absences arise.
          • Ask if classwork can be sent to your home, or sent to your email. Find out if your teacher uses Google Classroom.

How do I find the time to fit everything into my schedule?

  • Time management is VERY important for being successful at school. Developing a routine will help your daily activities run smoothly.
      • Pack up things for yourself (school supplies) and your baby (day care items) the night before. This way your mornings are less chaotic.
      • After school, set up a routine so you can juggle schoolwork, parenting, working (if you have a job), and everything else.
          • Talk with your family about help caring for your child in the afternoons and evenings so that you can focus on academics.
      • Figure out when is the best time to do your work.
          • Schedule study time before or after school.
          • If you have free periods, considering spending your time in the library to focus on schoolwork.
          • Think about focusing on schoolwork when your child is asleep.

Life as a teen parent can get complicated. DON'T GIVE UP!