Program Information

The Young Parent Support Program is a free and voluntary Aurora Public Schools resource.

YPSP partners with pregnant and parenting students to help them be successful in school and in their future!

The YPSP is open to any pregnant or parenting student (teen moms and dads) enrolled in an APS school, which includes associated charter schools and alternative academic programs.

If you are under 21 years old, live in Aurora, are pregnant or parenting, and have not completed high school or obtained a GED, the YPSP is able to help find the educational program best suited for your needs.

Being part of the YPSP means you will have individualized support from a Young Parent Advocate, the Program Nurse and the Program Social Worker. The YPSP team members can meet with you in your school, at home, or in the community.

The YPSP team will help you collaborate with the staff at your school and with community resources to ensure you are supported as a parenting student!

The YPSP specializes in helping pregnant and parenting students meet their educational goals!

The Program Nurse can...

    • Collaborate with your school nurse and community health care providers
    • Make sure you and your child's health care needs are being met
    • Provide education about healthy choices for you and your child
    • Connect you with great parenting educational resources

The Social Worker can...

    • Act as a first step in mental health counseling
    • Support you in connecting with county and public resources
    • Assess your mental health needs on a one-on-one basis and provide individualize support
    • Make referrals to district and community mental health supports

Young Parent Advocates can...

    • Meet with you to ensure school engagement and academic success
    • Collaborate with school staff to ensure your education is on track
    • Determine what specific support(s) you need the most
    • Make referrals and connect you with school and community resources